How we use CORDURA® in military fabrics and beyond

  • Created : 16th April 2024
  • Last Updated: 16th April 2024

To provide the excellent performance required for military fabrics, at Carrington Textiles we use CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics in a number of our defence, waterproof and flame retardant products.


Durability. What began in 1967 as the hallmark of the CORDURA® brand has since become its heritage. Through continuous transformation over the last five decades, the CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics portfolio has expanded beyond its military heritage to include new fabrics and fibre technologies that strengthen its capabilities today. CORDURA® is a brand of fabric known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. It is a type of high performance fabric made from nylon, and sometimes other materials like polyester. The brand has evolved over the years beyond durable military uniforms and workwear to influence adventure sports, urban fashion and even tactical defence.Cordura timeline


Nylon 6.6 is a hardwearing, abrasion resistant fibre, with the high tenacity version being even stronger. At Carrington Textiles we use it in products which need durability and strength such as fabrics for military uniforms and clothing, knee pads, military back packs and body armour covers. Our military fabrics Tempest and Tornado are CORDURA® certified fabrics. We have also blended INVISTA nylon with cotton in our Flametougher 280AS and Flametougher 290AS Flex, to create CORDURA® branded fabrics which offer industrially launderable, flame retardant and stretch properties*.

CORDURA® has included a high tenacity polyester to its portfolio, which is in our waterproof fabric range Alaska CORDURA®. Alaska Pro 2 and Alaska Pro 3 are heavyweight high tenacity CORDURA® branded polyester base fabrics laminated with highly breathable hydrophilic PU membrane technology, ideal for full length parka style jackets and over trousers. Full conformance to EN 343 3:3, available in EN20471 conforming to HV Orange and HV Yellow.

For more information about Carrington Textiles’ products using CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics, please visit our website.

*Stretch properties only apply to Flametougher 290AS Flex.

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