Case Study: 1 million metres of fabric supplied to the Dutch Ministry of Defence

  • Created : 30th August 2023
  • Last Updated: 13th October 2023

Over 90 years protecting armed forces around the world

In 2022 at Carrington Textiles we developed a defence fabric for the Dutch Ministry of Defence as part of their Defensie Materieel Organisatie’s (DMO) ‘STRONG’ programme that aims to supply combat clothing and equipment to all military personnel part of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army, Air Force and Marechaussee.

The eight-colour camouflage design of this fabric provides high levels of disruption to give soldiers better concealment when needed.

The fabric was created specifically following the Dutch MoD’s requirements on comfort and protection with the result being a lightweight yet durable textile of 210gsm with a composition of 50% cotton for comfort, 50% high tenacity nylon for durability and Ripstop for added strength.

The high cotton content of the fabric creates a uniform that’s soft to the touch, breathable, as well as providing moisture wicking properties, key elements for the tough conditions soldiers work in.

The Dutch MoD’s DMO says: “The 43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade of the Koninklijke Landmacht in Havelte was the first to receive the new interim combat clothing. The soldiers received the basic coats and trousers in the new camouflage pattern. This is the start of the large-scale issue to the entire armed forces! So far we are very proud with the results.”

A uniform roll out part of the Dutch MoD’s ‘STRONG’ programme will deliver around 480,000 trousers and jackets to officers from the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army, Air Force and Marechaussee.

The new NFP camouflage pattern developed by the Dutch MoD, is being printed in a green or woodland style for the Army, Air Force, Marechaussee and Marines, while the Navy receives a blue or marine style design.

Carrington Textiles Sales Director, Paul Farrel, added: “We were honoured to receive from the Dutch MoD a regimental plaque to commemorate the launch of their new uniform and recognise the work we’ve done in developing this new fabric and print.

Learn more about our legacy in defence and military fabrics and read more case studies about our work with armed forces around the world including the UK Ministry of Defence and Estonian Army.

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